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Autumn Rose: Squashed stitch tension

The thing is, my stitches are always squashed.

That is to say, if I get the correct number of stitches per inch for the specified gauge, I will have too many rows per inch, and if I get the correct number of rows per inch, I will have too few stitches per inch. 

If a pattern instruction is to knit until the work measures a certain length then fine, my squashed stitches aren’t too much of a problem. But there are certain kinds of garment where row gauge is critical: namely, those that have raglan sleeves, are a Fair Isle pattern, or where the entire piece is charted and the chart dictates the finished length.  Autumn Rose ticks all of these boxes, which means I really need to get it right. Continue reading

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Girlie pink socks

I’ve been off work this week, which has meant I’ve had lots of knitting and crafting time. Today I finished some socks. They are Lacy Bed Socks from Romantic Style by Jennie Atkinson, made in RYC Cashsoft 4 ply. I’m really pleased to have finished these lovelies, as I made the first of the pair ages ago, and then it sat sadly on its own in my knitting bag. Continue reading

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Free pattern for a circular knitting needle case

I’ve written a pattern for a circular knitting needle case. It’s very simple and shouldn’t take more than an afternoon to make. You do need a sewing machine though – two pointy sticks and some yarn won’t work for this!

You can download this pattern as a free pdf document via the Patterns page above.

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Circular knitting needle case


It’s way past my bed time, so just some pictures for now. I’ll write instructions up tomorrow. Continue reading

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