Girlie pink socks

I’ve been off work this week, which has meant I’ve had lots of knitting and crafting time. Today I finished some socks. They are Lacy Bed Socks from Romantic Style by Jennie Atkinson, made in RYC Cashsoft 4 ply. I’m really pleased to have finished these lovelies, as I made the first of the pair ages ago, and then it sat sadly on its own in my knitting bag. It was the first sock I made, and I had no idea how to turn a heel.

Between making the first and second one I did lots of Googling on ‘short row shaping’, read loads of blogs and knitted many more pairs of socks. There are plenty of online tutorials that demonstrate how to pick up and knit wraps on short row heels, but I found this one by Misocrafty particularly helpful – it has great photos and really clear instructions.

Here are the before and after pics – can you see the difference?


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