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Sometimes the simplest things…

… are also the most frustrating.

Today I planned to finish my circular knitting needle case, and I would have done too if I hadn’t kept on making stupid schoolgirl errors. Continue reading

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Self-indulgent sewing

No knitting today; I’ve been having a crafty time with my sewing machine. The first thing I did was to use some fabric from my stash and some old lace from my collection to make a cloth to cover the cupboard in my kitchen. Here it is:

Cute, huh? (I made the lampshade too, btw!) Continue reading

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Autumn Rose: More colour choices

Here’s my swatch (more on that later):

I love how my colours work in the ‘wheel’ part of the pattern. But I’m not so keen on the top bit. The problem, I think, is that the sage and raspberry just blur into one another, giving the impression of a generally pinky stripe. It’s quite a nice pinky stripe, and if it wasn’t for the wheel bit it could work well. Continue reading

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Eunny Jang’s Autumn Rose

I love Autumn Rose: the Fair Isle pattern and the modern, flattering shaping are sublime. But the colours are just not me. It’

s quite tricky substituting colours on a design that incorporates eleven different ones and, frankly, uses them so well. I started thinking about colours that I wear a lot, and dragged various items out of my wardrobe. After some playing I came up with this combination:

I love all of these colours, and I wear them all. I think the combination looks great; I like the almost-complimentary lime and purple, and think the teal goes well with both. My next step was to get a shade card from Jamieson’s of Shetland, and to pull a strand off for each of the ‘original’

colours: Continue reading

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This is my new blog. It’s taken ages to set up, but I’m really happy with how it looks now.

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