Sometimes the simplest things…

… are also the most frustrating.

Today I planned to finish my circular knitting needle case, and I would have done too if I hadn’t kept on making stupid schoolgirl errors. The pockets and tie-binding are all being sewn on before the whole thing gets sewn together. Normally planning is my strong point, but I got in a muddle about what was the edge and what was the middle, duh, and forgot to add the seam allowance when sewing on the binding. The result? Lots of unpicking, lots of frustration. Bah!

So, I ran away from that and knitted a few rows of my Elastico Jacke by Lana Grossa. I’m using Rowan Calmer which is most inappropriately named, as I’m really struggling to get an even tension on the stocking stitch bits with this stretchy yarn.

The simplest things?

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