What I’m looking at

Yesterday, as I was walking through London on my way to work, I was looking at the colours I could see around me – in buildings, trees, people, the river and the sky. I look at pavements – a lot – when I walk, wanting to avoid tripping on uneven flagstones, or treading in fresh chewing gum, still-smoking cigarettes or last night’s mulitfarious bodily excretions.

But despite (because of?) these various nastinesses, the pavements that I stare at as I negotiate my way through town have a kind of compelling beauty. They are full of colour and texture, always the same but always changing. It got me thinking about how, if we just focus on getting to where we are going, it is easy to forget about where we are, right now, and to let the pleasure inherent in an everyday moment slip away unnoticed.

So today I put my camera in my handbag, and that is where it is staying. I am going to take more opportunities to look, really look closely, at what is around me everyday, and record some of those observations here.

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