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New Project: Prism Socks

I realised last night that I don’t have a small, train knitting-sized project to work on now that my Eyelet Chemise is getting so large. So I had a rootle through my stash (love how rude that sounds!), found some Regia sock yarn, and decided to make me some new socks with it.

I don’t just want to do a plain stitch pattern, as that would be boring, but equally I don’t want to do a fancy lace pattern, as that would probably get lost in the multicoloured yarn.

After a bit of a Ravelry search, I found this pattern. I kind of like it, but I really like this variation (these are Ravelry links, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to see them if you’re not a member). More rootling, and I came up with this combination:

I wasn’t too sure about it at first, but I’m liking how old fashioned the colour combination is turning out to be. This makes me think of a man’s or child’s tank top from the 1940s.

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Knitted babe – now with knickers!

Ok, so she’s still freaking me out, and she still only has one of her four limbs, but the knitted babe is starting to look slightly cuter. She also has some pretty lace knickers which I think is a good thing for everyone concerned…

It took me ages to choose yarn for her hair; in the end I went for Rowan Damask. It has a beautiful shine to it, and I love all the subtle colour changes. It’s not attached yet – I want to try finger-curling it and giving her a 1930s-style bob. I’m thinking of knitting a sort of cap that I can attach the strands to, rather than fixing them directly to her head. I think it might be easier to adjust it and get it looking how I want that way.

Although the Knitted Babes book is clearly a work of pure genius, it seems to me that it is written primarily for non or new knitters.There are quite a few changes I’m making to the patterns that are probably just be extra techniques to learn if you are new to knitting. For example: making the legs and arms as i-cords, knitting the body in the round and making the decreases in the knicker lace pattern point towards the centre of the pattern.

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Eyelet Chemise: an update

My Eyelet Chemise is coming along really well. I’ve completed the eyelet lace rib pattern and am up to the empire waist, having made the ribbing 2″ longer than in the pattern. I’ve stopped knitting now because I need to get my head around all the measuring and calculating needed to to the short row shaping that I want to try out on this cardigan. I’m using HoneyBee33’s brilliant ‘titorial‘ to help me figure this all out.

The Debbie Bliss Prima that I’m using is a pleasure to work. It’s soft and drapey, splits a little, but not too much, and has a pretty sheen.

I got buttons and ribbon for this project today, and I think they’ll make lovely finishing touches.

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Garden delights

Our vegetables are loving the weather we’re having this spring. In the first bed there are chives, sage, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli and carrots (under the netting at the front).

The next bed, on the left has got brussels, spinach and rhubarb, and the third bed is planted entirely with potatoes.

And at the end are loads of strawberries. We’re hoping the netting will mean we actually get to eat some of them ourselves this year!

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Finished object: Kitsch vintage tea cosy

Pattern: I made it up as I went along.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK, two strands knitted together.

Needles: 4.5mm

Notes: I love the over-the-top pom pom and bow!

And here it is in its new home:

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