A knitted babe?

Knitted freak more like! I mean, appropriate for a 3-year old? Seriously?

Her eyes started off a little large, which made her look like an alien who’d been through, well, let’s just say a rough time:

She finally got a face, and one arm and, frankly, I find her even more scary than before:

Still, Steve took pity on her; he’s a soft touch. And boy, did she like the attention:

Ugh, how nauseating! Step AWAY from the freak sir, you don’t know what she might do..

Yeah, right, think you can fool me with that Joan Collins turban and that butter-wouldn’t-melt look on your face? You’re still a FREAK!!!

Disclaimer: No knitted babes were harmed in the making of this post. Contrary to reports, the legs and arms of this knitted babe were not cruelly ripped out for the purposes of dramatic reconstruction. Princess Pea would like to apologise to any legless, one-armed knitted babes who may have been offended by this post. Steve is receiving counselling and is likely to recover fully from the vicious mauling he received at the hand of the knitted babe.

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