Teapots, and Euro-splendour

I bid on this tea service recently on ebay, and it arrived today. This is only a small part of it – there are more cups and saucers, a serving plate and cake plates, and a sugar bowl, and I love that there is a hot water jug for topping up the pot! It is made of beautifully thin Shelley porcelain from the 1920s. I’m actually looking for an art deco tea service with which to serve tea in my soon-to-be completed art deco front room, but couldn’t resist this one as well!

Here is my cottage teapot collection:

You can see why I needed the pink pot, can’t you?

I love this one. It doesn’t get used all that often, but I really like the hot water jug under the teapot:

And this creamware one, which looks like a sieve:

As my teapot collection grows, I realise that my tea cosy collection has become woefully inadequate…

There’s this yukky acrylic one (not made by me):

And this much scrummier alpaca one from John Arbon (ie, also not made by me):

Yay! More new knitting projects!

Must go now, the votes are in for the wonderousness that is the Eurovision song contest, and I need to see the results. I voted for the Latvian pirates, but the Bosnia-Herzagovinian knitting brides had to be seen to be believed! Someone on Ravelry just said that she had missing Eurovision on her list of cons when deciding whether to move to the US. She did move, but I bet it was a close call…

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