Vintage sampler blanket: colour inspiration

After I wrote about trying to find colours for my vintage sampler blanket that were reminiscent of faded old flowers without slipping into baby pastel territory, Michelle posted this gorgeous picture on her blog. I was very excited to see it, as it is exactly the kind of thing I have been thinking of, without having found a source image.

So today, I printed it off and took me off to John Lewis at lunchtime. Then at home I rootled through my stash (love how rude that sounds!), and came up with these:

The colour palette is much darker than I those I had previously collected. The greens are more olively, and as well as the pinks I have added orange and brownish-reds. Here are the original set of colours I had collected:

I love the idea of translating the gorgeous colours from Michelle’s picture into the graphic shapes made by a variety of stitch patterns!

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