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Woolfest: New friends, old places

It was such fun spending time with Amanda – it was the first time I’d met a blogging buddy, and it was lovely how we felt we knew each other already!

I couldn’t leave this beautiful area without sharing some pictures of it, so I stopped by Bassenthwaite lake to take some photos. I spent quite a bit of time in the Lake District as a child, as my father worked in Grasmere a lot, and I have many fond memories of our visits there.

However, I did end up feeling rather like a character in a Jane Austen novel this weekend – the type of character who catches a chill from not wrapping up warmly enough, is almost dead by chapter three, but then recovers only to appreciate the foolishness of her previous ways … I’m not almost dead, and I’m quite fond of my foolish ways, but I did catch a chill, either from not wrapping up warmly enough, or maybe from just being too much of a soft southener!

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Woolfest, day 3

(Warning: excessively moderately long post follows!)

Wanna see my haul? Ok, first the kit, which is really what I was looking for:

1. A beautiful swift – definitely a vast improvement on my previous method!

2. A ball winder – ditto about previous method…

3. Cute stitch markers from the Natural Dye Studio:

4. Having inflicted the following toddler-like behaviour on Amanda ALL day: ‘I want to dye wool! I don’t want to dye wool! I want to spin! I don’t want to spin!’ I finally succumbed to this pink fluffiness:

5. … For which I obviously needed this. I have no clue how to use it, but why let mere practicalities get between a girl and the shiny stuff…

And now for the yarn:

6. Some Fyberspates self-striping sock yarn, already on my new swift:

7. Beautiful 4-ply from the Natural Dye Studio:

8. Opal sock yarn, which looks like this when knitted up.

9, 10, 11. There were also various non-yarn items: an old crochet doily, a crochet jug cover and an ‘I Ravelled at Woolfest’ bag, to name just a few.

All this sharing has made me reflect on the many benefits of being in denial..

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Woolfest, day 2

Amanda and I were saying that, to our friends, we are both pretty knitting obsessed. At Woolfest, however, we felt like lightweights. There were people here taking home huge bin liners full of fleeces, I’m not sure if they actually met the sheep and shook its hoof first, but that would almost certainly have been possible…

There was this lovely lady with her shepherdess frock and crook. I didn’t see where she had left her sheep, but they must have been somewhere nearby.

There was the Big Knit Project, raising money for breast cancer – the lovely Lily had a go at this:

There were some amazing and beautiful yarns, painted, dyed and spun by some fabulously creative and talented people. This is what Amanda bought:

And this is what Lily bought:

And me? I thought if I posted theirs first, Steve would realise it would be clear to all just how abstemious I have actually been …

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Woolfest, day 1

So, I’m sitting in my room at the hotel where I’m staying in Cockermouth, and I can hear in the sitting room next door a group of lovely ladies who have spent two days travelling here from the north of Scotland. They are carding, spinning, knitting and crocheting, and I’ve been chatting with them every time I’ve gone to or from my room. In the next room to me is ClaireUK; we’ve just got back from a knit-and-natter at Graysonside, where I got to meet Amanda and her lovely daughter Lily!

Graysonside is a campsite and b&b that has been completely overrun by taken over by knitters for the weekend. I had a bit of a role reversal there: I left my knitting in the hotel, so I was the only person there without needles, a hook, or even a spinning wheel!

I do most of my knitting on the train, where I am always the only person doing it, so it was funny to feel like the odd one out for not doing it!

Cockermouth is about a six-hour drive from where I live, or nine hours by train. Instead of either of these, I used some airmiles to fly to Manchester then hired a car to drive the rest of the way. Not only was this the quickest way to get here but also, scarily, the cheapest!

Well, it would have been the cheapest if I hadn’t got distracted by the Bobbi Brown duty free make-up place… I went to buy a lip gloss, and also came out with this:

Look! Detachable bits! It’s such a neat idea – a compact with detachable eyeshadow and blushers, so you can buy your favourite colours and keep them all together! (Shallow? Moi? Absolutely!)

My other goody for the day is a bag of fabulous home-cooked cookies given to me by Amanda:

They’re delicious, but I have to stop eating them or I am going to be sick…

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Do you Moo?

Now I do too! I’ve got me some Moo cards:


I’ve started coming out of the closet a bit more recently, telling family and friends and even some colleagues about this blog. As very few of them are knitters, I don’t really expect them to be interested but, gratifyingly, some are (or at least they are very good at pretending!)

Anyway, I’m getting asked for the site name a bit more, so I thought it would be useful to have some cards with it on. I only heard about these cards recently, so I thought I’d give them a go. If you haven’t heard of them, they are mini calling cards printed with your own photos on one side, and text on the other. They are Very Cute Indeed and, happily for me, they arrived just in time for me to take to Woolfest tomorrow!

Have I mentioned that I’m going to Woolfest? Amanda invited me to go with her and her daughter, and I am getting quite unfeasably excited about it! I’m trying to figure out what the minimum amount of stuff I need to pack is, and how much of our largest suitcase will therefore be left over for the yarn purchases I’m planning…

All of which excitement is helping cheer me up after I broke my blog today. Sigh…

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