Woolfest, day 2

Amanda and I were saying that, to our friends, we are both pretty knitting obsessed. At Woolfest, however, we felt like lightweights. There were people here taking home huge bin liners full of fleeces, I’m not sure if they actually met the sheep and shook its hoof first, but that would almost certainly have been possible…

There was this lovely lady with her shepherdess frock and crook. I didn’t see where she had left her sheep, but they must have been somewhere nearby.

There was the Big Knit Project, raising money for breast cancer – the lovely Lily had a go at this:

There were some amazing and beautiful yarns, painted, dyed and spun by some fabulously creative and talented people. This is what Amanda bought:

And this is what Lily bought:

And me? I thought if I posted theirs first, Steve would realise it would be clear to all just how abstemious I have actually been …

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