Woolfest, day 3

(Warning: excessively moderately long post follows!)

Wanna see my haul? Ok, first the kit, which is really what I was looking for:

1. A beautiful swift – definitely a vast improvement on my previous method!

2. A ball winder – ditto about previous method…

3. Cute stitch markers from the Natural Dye Studio:

4. Having inflicted the following toddler-like behaviour on Amanda ALL day: ‘I want to dye wool! I don’t want to dye wool! I want to spin! I don’t want to spin!’ I finally succumbed to this pink fluffiness:

5. … For which I obviously needed this. I have no clue how to use it, but why let mere practicalities get between a girl and the shiny stuff…

And now for the yarn:

6. Some Fyberspates self-striping sock yarn, already on my new swift:

7. Beautiful 4-ply from the Natural Dye Studio:

8. Opal sock yarn, which looks like this when knitted up.

9, 10, 11. There were also various non-yarn items: an old crochet doily, a crochet jug cover and an ‘I Ravelled at Woolfest’ bag, to name just a few.

All this sharing has made me reflect on the many benefits of being in denial..

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