Woolfest: New friends, old places

It was such fun spending time with Amanda – it was the first time I’d met a blogging buddy, and it was lovely how we felt we knew each other already!

I couldn’t leave this beautiful area without sharing some pictures of it, so I stopped by Bassenthwaite lake to take some photos. I spent quite a bit of time in the Lake District as a child, as my father worked in Grasmere a lot, and I have many fond memories of our visits there.

However, I did end up feeling rather like a character in a Jane Austen novel this weekend – the type of character who catches a chill from not wrapping up warmly enough, is almost dead by chapter three, but then recovers only to appreciate the foolishness of her previous ways … I’m not almost dead, and I’m quite fond of my foolish ways, but I did catch a chill, either from not wrapping up warmly enough, or maybe from just being too much of a soft southener!

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