New Project: Rolled Brim Cap, and some holiday planning

I don’t knit that many things for other people, but the request for a chemo cap was one I was happy to say yes to. I’m going to make the person concerned this pattern – it’s a simple rolled brim hat, to which I’m going to add a detachable knitted flower. She’s a redhead, so I thought that cream would probably be a good colour for her skin tone, and I’m going to make the flower from some orange, pink and cream Kidsilk Haze from my stash.

I tried to find the softest yarn I could for the hat, and I’m really happy with what I came up with. It’s Rowan Classic Silk Wool, and it is seriously soft.

I really want you to be able to stroke this yarn, but as that is not possible, here’s the best picture I could get of the gorgeous texture:

And here are the colours for the flower. I think I’m going to put it on a safety pin so the wearer can remove it if she wants too.

Our boys have gone on a residential rock school for a week, one of them playing guitar, and the other one bass guitar. I think they’ll have a blast there but, more importantly, that means that Steve and I are having our first child-free week for several years. We are going to Copenhagen tomorrow, and I’m quite ridiculously excited about it. Like a teenager, I’ve spent a large part of today trying on outfits to take…

However, at least as important as clothes, is the decision about what knitting to take. My Liesl cardigan is very almost finished, so I’m planning to take it with me and see if I manage to get my needles onto the plane. If I do, I should pretty much have it done by the time we get there. I’ll take this hat to do while we’re there. I’m also going to take my Pomatomus yarn and pattern. I need to do a swatch before next Friday, and I think the Ravelypics kick off during our flight back, so again, whether I can start on time will depend on airport security. Which reminds me, I need to see if I can find a yarn shop to visit while we’re there…

I’m not taking my laptop with me, but I have lined up a couple of posts so y’all don’t miss me too much while I’m gone. Hopefully I’ll get some nice photos of Copenhagen, so I’ll share them when I get back. Have a good week!

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