Bacall and Bond…

Never one to make life simple for myself, I’ve set myself the target of finishing my Bacall shrug by the time we go away for half term, in just over a week. Two impediments may make this target even more ambitious than it would otherwise have been.

The first one was a false start based on a yarn change. Last winter I made myself a Cherish shrug, from Kim Hargreave’s book, Heartfelt. It was quick and fun to make, and looks really cute. The problem with it is that the wool is so warm that I feel snug and toasty in it – except for my lower back, which ends up freezing. Well, last Sunday, after knitting just a few rows of this latest shrug in the Rowan Kid Classic I had chosen, I remembered the Cherish, and realised that I was in danger of repeating this mistake.

So, on Monday, I took back the unused balls and replaced them with Rowan Kidsilk Aura. The colour is a touch less bright than the Kidsoft, but is still a luscious, rich red.

I’m making great progress with it; so far I have completed the back and all but a couple of inches of the first sleeve. I’m hoping to finish most of the second sleeve today, which brings me to the second obstacle to my target. Next weekend I’m going on a yoga retreat, which I’m hugely looking forward too, but I’m not sure they’ll be any time for knitting.

Oh, and by the way, did I mention that I sat next to Daniel Craig the other day? Yup, that’s right, Daniel Craig!! We were at our local theatre, and Steve pointed him out to me across the bar. Normally, if I see someone famous, I’m pretty cool and collected, and basically just pretend I haven’t seen them. But this time? I turned into a complete gibbering, giggling jelly!

We sat down (our seats were at the back) and Steve pointed out that there were some empty seats next to us where he thought DC and friends would most likely sit. And guess what? They did! OMG!!! truly seemed the only rational reaction to make, which I did (in my head, thankfully!) for the whole production. I have no idea what happened in the play!

At the interval, I had to make sure we sat back down really early, because I really couldn’t cope with the prospect of climbing over James Bond! (As Steve said, that’s not a sentence he ever expected to hear come out of his wife’s mouth!) Sigh. Happy day!

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