New Project: Druid Mittens

Ok, as promised, here’s a knitting update from my half term holiday.*

I started my Druid Mittens on the flight over to Italy. In the end I decided not to go with the raspberry colour that I had in my stash, but a very kind lady from Jamieson‘s kindly sent me an emergency(!) package of a lovely salmon pink colour of Shetland Spindrift, called Sunset. Well, I say salmon pink, but what I adore about this yarn is the number of colours it incorporates: blue, lilac, yellow, green and red. The colours are subtle but truly enhance this beautiful pattern.

And this really is a lovely pattern. It is complex and intricate and, using no fewer than seventeen stitch types, is covered with texture. The little garter stitch panel below separates the front and the back of the mitten, and the cables that will form the thumb section are just emerging into view.

I didn’t get my Bacall Shrug finished in time to go to Rome, but in the event the weather was so warm that it would have been too hot to wear anyway. I have very nearly completed it – I am just sewing up the seams now and then it’ll be done. I’ll post finished pics in the next few days.

And here’s how the mitten looks if your camera only has autofocus and it decides to play sillybuggers:

*Note to self: DON’T FORGET to use handcream before photographing hand otherwise hand will look like elephant skin…

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