Druid mittens

So, it’s not all Christmas knitting around here at the moment.

My Druid mittens are pretty much done – the second one is just blocking and then they’ll be ready to wear (and photograph properly!)

Oh, and the yarn casually draped over the mitten? It’s a skein of Cherry Hill Suri Lace Alpaca that I picked up on my recent trip to Iknit. I thought the colours complemented the mittens perfectly and that I could make a lovely cowl to wear with them. The yarn is 100% alpaca, and is dreamily soft and warm!

The pattern I’ve chosen is for a smoke ring with lace edging, but I’m making some alterations to the lace edging, as I’m not too happy with how it looks so far:

I don’t really like how the pointy bits lean over to the left. On the pattern these bits look as though they have been heavily stretched by blocking, but I’d rather make them the shape I like in the first place. If I can’t get it right, I may make the Ice Queen Cowl from last winter’s Knitty instead.

Not just yet though – I have some Christmas socks to make first!

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