Twist Collective Winter 2008

So the second issue of the wonderful Twist Collective is online today. Given that I am currently embroiled in Christmas knitting, I absolutely cannot immediately cast on for a new cardigan. Instead I thought I’d indulge my desire for some of these gorgeous items by sharing my favourites; the ones that I really, really want to drop everything, go to the yarn store first thing tomorrow, and cast on for the second I get home.

First of all is Slyvi, by Mari Muinonen. It’s a knee-length, A-line hooded jacket with cabled stalks, leaves and flowers up the back. It manages to be both fun and elegant at the same time. Love it! Want it! Now!!

Next up is Vivan, by the lovely Ysolda Teague. It’s hooded, cabled, curvy cardigan that fastens with a zip, and is, frankly, calling loudly to me…

I love, in fact I am coveting, Kingscot by Norah Gaughan. I can just picture myself wearing this to work (and when I say picture myself, I mean, obviously, tomorrow).

And finally, Dietrich by Marnie Maclean is just the cutest hat! I’ve just seen a trailer for the film Changeling, and Angelina Jolie was wearing one very similar. Not knitted though. What was she thinking?

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