being yarn, and becoming a project

There’s something special about yarn before it becomes a knitted object, or before it has really even become a work in progress. Don’t you think? In its skeined form, the yarn is pristine, fresh from the spinner or the dyer, and has not yet been turned into a usable, workable ball. It is squishable, and smells fluffy, fresh and, well, yarny.

At this stage, it could become pretty much whatever I want it to be. Well, maybe not my personal ironing service, or chocolate, but apart from that, pretty much whatever I want.

Even if the yarn in question comes as a kit, with a cute pattern, it doesn’t mean that the yarn has to become the kit item. The gorgeous stuff in the photo is Lucia Sock yarn from Posh Yarn. It came as a kit for a sweet pair of Winter Cottage Mittens (Ravelry link) which I am tempted to make. But I have been hankering after making a pair of Eunny Jang’s Anemoi Mittens for some time now, so maybe this yarn will turn into some of those…

Still, no need to decide just yet. I’ve got to get the damned dreadful dreary delightful Christmas knitting finished first!

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