christmas cards

Some years I make all my Christmas cards; some years I make just some of them. My worst year was the one when I made all the cards, wrote them and then forgot to post them until they were discovered in a pile, after Christmas. As a general rule I would rather give and receive fewer than more cards, but I realise that not everybody feels the same.

So, this week is card-writing week. I must get the ones to other countries sent out soon – knowing that they are hanging over me bothers me enough to cause me stress, and yet not quite enough to make me do them right now. I was touched recently when two of my German cousins told me how much they loved getting my handmade cards – it hadn’t really occured to me that people would even notice; I make them because I enjoy it.

These ones are made with a couple of rubber stamps, waterproof ink, watercolours and a glitter pen. I like the simplicity of the design, and the way that changing the paint and glitter colour can give a really different effect.

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