the shape of Christmas

I was feeling a little sad at the weekend, having had to cancel yet another of our Christmas social fixtures due to the flu that Steve and I were fighting off.

My wise friend Cath said, ‘You know, sometimes Christmas just isn’t the shape that you want it to be, or think it ought to be. It’s still Christmas though, and it will still be lovely in the end. It’s just a differently-shaped kind of Christmas, that’s all.’

So, we are ensconced in our cottage, with a wood fire permanently lit, the tree up and decorated, the stockings hanging over the fireplace, the Christmas knitting (very almost!) finished and the presents (mostly) wrapped. We have decided not to go on our sunny new year holiday, but to stay wrapped up here instead. It’s warm and cosy and relaxing, and just what we need right now.

Whatever shape this time of year is for you, I wish you all the best for it and hope you have a good break.

Merry Christmas!

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