new project: hemlock ring blanket

So, my project list (on the sidebar to the left) is getting rather short. One Anemoi mitten still to knit, a half-finished tea cosy and my laminaria shawl, the pinkness of which, if I am honest, is not growing on me.

Hmm – time for something new.  At the weekend a big squooshy bag of subtle, quietly-coloured beigy-grey Jamieson Heather wool arrived, and I immediately stopped everything I was doing and cast on for a Hemlock Ring Blanket. It was a close call between that and Girasole, both by Jared Flood, but in the end the Hemlock Ring won out, largely because of such lovely examples as Bells’s and Michelle’s.

So far I’m loving knitting this! The wool is warm, soft and comforting to work with. It is also chunky, and is flying off the 6mm needles.  Maybe it’s because I’m so used to smaller needles and thinner wool, or maybe because it’s so … not pink, but this project  feels like a really refreshing change.

I’m planning for it to live on a footstool that is covered in a Shetland tweed check fabric. The blanket will fulfill the dual function of keeping us cosy when needed, and protecting the footstool when we put our afternoon tea tray on it!

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