Steve and I spent Saturday morning at a meditation workshop run by one of my yoga teachers. We discussed meditation from scientific, historical and yogic perspectives and  practised a variety of meditation techniques. Among many interesting things that we talked about, there was one idea that particularly resonated with me and that I wanted to share here.

It is the notion of patience as the opposite of doubt, and impatience as the opposite of faith; an alignment that I found very powerful.

I have a basically optimistic outlook on life, best characterised by a general belief that things tend to work out all right in the end. But I had never before made the connection between having a vague hope that things will work out, and having the patience to remain constant within myself in the meantime.

Patience is something we knitters understand. It takes patience, and faith,  to devote tens or hundreds of hours to creating an item that we cannot see, touch or try on before we have made it. We have faith, or we hope, that it will turn out all right in the end (even if ‘in the end’ turns out to mean multiple attempts later!)

The  flowers in the photo are the first of many that I need to crochet for the vintage tea cosy that I am making. They are fiddly and are taking me far longer than they should for something so small. Working on them is  in itself a little excercise in patience.

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