hemlock ring blanket progress

I am loving knitting this heavyweight lace blanket. It is destined to live on the plaid footstool on which it is pictured here, and I am really pleased with how the colours complement each other.

I made a bit of a mistake when I started the feather and fan part of the pattern, which meant that the pattern started in the wrong place on the star. I got as far as you can see in the photos before realising and ripping back to the central star pattern. But, this blanket is quick to make, and I have now caught back up to where I was before, so it’s really not a problem!

3286395304_e7f2426642_o2In other news, Michelle has been kind enough to nominate me for a kreativ blogger award – thanks Michelle! I’m not sure where to start with nominating other bloggers, there are so many that I love and am inspired by, so instead, following Sonia’s example, I’m going to point you towards the list of my favourite blogs. If you have some time to browse, I recommend them all as places I love to visit.

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