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… snow day … teenage style …

Yesterday we had the most snow in the south of England that there has been for eighteen years. Which means that my kids had the first school-free snow day in their lives.

The tone of the day was set when Alex (son no.2) built an anatomically correct snowman on our front lawn, proudly displaying his snowy assets to all passers-by. No photo of that, unfortunately, as Steve, returning home from Heathrow airport after an abortive attempt to travel to Chicago, asked Alex to decent up the snowman.

So, at least the snow lady in the picture above is exhibiting a modicum of modesty…

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laminaria reiterated

I waxed lyrically recently about the shocking pink yarn with which I was knitting my Laminaria shawl. Truth be told, I was trying to convince myself as much as anyone else about the … pinkness of the yarn. I kept on trying to love it, but it just wasn’t doing it for me.

It’s probably just the wrong season, or it could be just the wrong time for me. I do wear very bright colours but, just not this colour, at least not now.

So, I’ve started again. Same pattern,  yarn by the same dyer, just a different colour.

This is Cecilia laceweight Posh yarn, made from 50% cashmere and 50% silk, in the colourway Fern. It’s a delightfully soft, grassy green that gently moves from blue-green to yellow-green, but in a way that is subtle enough not to stripe the knitting, just to give it interest and depth.

I’ve got about as far with this version as I had with the pink. That one, by the way, I haven’t frogged, as much as put into hibernation for a sunnier day…

PS. Thanks to all of you who made suggestions about knitting charts for my Druidess beret pattern. I’ll be working on it this week.

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