steps forward, back, forward, a milestone and a leap of faith…

Last year, I signed up for the Sock(topus) Sock Club. It’s the first sock club I’ve joined, and I have been looking forward to experimenting with new yarns and patterns. The first package came a couple of weeks ago, complete with some deliciously minty feet-pampering products.

The pattern is Om Shanti Bed Socks, and the yarn, Chameleon Colorworks Evolution,  is fabulously girlie and pink. You may recall that I’m a bit anal when it comes to variegated yarns – I get bothered by the unpredictability of how the colours knit up. However, I do like variegated socks when they are contrasted with plain heels and toes, so I cast these on with white toes.

Steps forward, back, forward

All was going well at first. I decided to knit both socks at once on two circular needles to avoid second sock syndrome, but after a while I realised that one sock was significantly bigger than the other. It turns out that one skein of yarn was actually quite a bit thicker than the other. But, all is now well. Alice from S0cktopus has graciously sent me another skein of thinner yarn, so now I can start the second sock again.

A milestone

I mentioned a while ago that I was following the Couch to 5k running programme. Well, on Saturday I reached a milestone that I am really proud of – I ran for twenty minutes without stopping! To put this in perspective, in December I could not run for more than one minute, and even that made me feel like my lungs would burst. Yay me!

A leap of faith

I have joined Iknit London‘s team to run a 5k Race for Life in Battersea Park in May. It feels pretty scary to commit to doing something like this, but I’m sure that by then I will be able to run at least 5k. At least, I hope so!

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