good friends, good food, good times (and some photos)

We spent the afternoon and evening today with our lovely friends Kersti and James  today. This involved  spending the afternoon hanging out in the kitchen chatting, laughing, drinking tea and watching Steve cook; and the evening chatting, laughing, drinking wine and eating Steve’s amazing meal (he truly is the king of the English roast dinner!). It was about as good as Sunday can get.

Kersti kindly agreed to let me use photos of her to illustrate my almost-ready Druidess beret pattern. The pattern is being test knitted as I write by some generous knitters from the Testing Pool on Ravelry, after which it will be available on my blog and as a Ravelry download.

I think I am going to use quite de-saturated images, like the one below, on the pattern. I like how subtle the colours are, and how the picture looks rather as though it has faded with time.

But I love the photo below just as it is.

Kersti is my running inspiration –  she is taking part in the Bath half marathon next weekend, and ran for 2 1/2 hours this morning before coming over. She started from scratch last year and it has been wonderful to see what a positive effect it has on her. I’m not quite (ha ha – for this read ‘anything-remotely-approaching-anywhere-near’) her level – yesterday I ran for 28 minutes , with a couple of short walks in the middle – my best so far. But her support and enthusiasm have been key in helping me believe that I really can do this previously unimaginable thing. I’m very lucky to have her as my friend.

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