fancy some socks?

I finished my Om Shanti bedsocks and, if I say so myself, very pretty they are too!

Pattern: Om Shanti Bedsocks, by Alice Wu (Ravelry link)

Yarn: Chameleon Colorworks Evolution, with Rowan 4 Ply Soft as the contrast.

Needles: 2.25mm

Modifications: I used a contrast colour for the heels, toes and ribbing. Instead of the tubular ribbing and cast off called for in the pattern, I did a 1×1 rib followed by a picot edge cast off. I am really pleased with these modifications. I think that using a plain contrast colour sharpens up the variegated yarn. I like how the picot edge adds another element of prettiness to the socks.

There is, however, a  problem with these socks, to which the fact that they are not being modelled by me is not unrelated. Yup, these socks won’t go over my heels.

From the corner of my heel to the front of my ankle measures 12 1/2″. Due to the addition of the more stretchy white yarn, this part of the sock is not the issue. No, the issue is the leg of the sock, which stretches to just 12″. You see the problem.

So, I have decided to give these socks away. If you would like them, just leave a comment below.  I will pick a comment using a random number generator thingy on the 12th of March. They don’t have to be for you, maybe you’ve got someone else with small heels who might like them! The length, by the way, is 9″ from toe to heel.

They’re just too pretty to languish in my sock drawer!

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