new project: hedera socks

Last year I signed up for Sundara‘s Season’s Yarn Collection. One of the yarns I received was a skein of Sock yarn, in Night Blossom. This yarn is a very beautiful deep, almost black purple, with flashes of reddish-pink and purple highlights peeping through.

I thought it would look good as a lacy sock – probably a legacy of my time as a goth; my  love for purple and black lace remains undiminished, if somewhat less requited now than in those dark, dark days!

I found a pattern I liked, Violets Rising by Anne Hanson, which I started knitting a few days ago. However, I think the pattern needs either a totally solid  yarn, or one that is lighter in colour than this one.  And I think this yarn needs a pattern that stands out a bit more against the dark colours. So, I started again, this time with Cookie A.’s Hedera pattern.

The Violets Rising sock is on the left, and the Hedera one is on the right.

I think the lines of twisted rib that go down the Hedera really help to separate and delineate the lace sections, and make the whole pattern easer to read. So, I’ve frogged the first sock and am now working on two Hederas at once. I’m thinking these will be great to wear with my black yoga pants!

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