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someone else’s fo: fingerless gloves

So, I was shopping at our local farm shop the other day, and as well as all the normal food I saw a couple of pairs of handknitted fingerless gloves. There was no label saying what they were made of, but it looked and felt to me like self-patterning sock yarn. There were a couple of different colourways, but I really loved this pink, grey and beige version.

I showed Steve, who asked me why I would buy them when I could make my own? He’s right, of course I could make them myself, but I liked them, and was struck by how nice it would feel wearing something handmade by someone other than me, even if I don’t know who that person is. Besides, I don’t didn’t have any fingerless gloves, and they are perfect for gardening!

Of the women in my family who taught me to knit, my grandmother has been gone for a very long time, one aunt had to stop knitting due to arthritis, and the other aunt is in Germany and makes socks for her and her husband. She taught me to knit Continental style when I lived with her for a while in my teens.

My grandmother used to make the most adorable clothes for my dolls, and my English aunt (the one with arthritis)  made cute sweaters for my boys when they were babies. I used to love taking them to see her when they were little, and sitting knitting and chattting with her for the afternoon.

Are you lucky enough to have someone to knit for you?

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