alice’s amazing chocolate cake

We had aĀ  lovely, but very busy, half term last week. Most of the time we were in our cottage in Dorset with Steve’s sister and her family (although Steve and I had to go back to London to work for a couple of days in the middle). Then at the weekend we went to Germany for a huge party to celebrate my aunt Gilla’s 70th birthday.

Anyway, in Dorset my niece Alice (standing) decided to make afternoon tea for us all one day, so she just whipped up the most amazing chocolate cake. I love the intense faces of my boys and their cousins as they wait for her cake to be sliced!

Honestly, this girl has a serious talent for baking – this was an extraordinarily moist and airy cake. Much better than any of my efforts!

And it tasted just as good as it looked…

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