new project: granny squares blanket

There is going to be a new baby in our family in November.* I’ll give more details later, but for now suffice it to say that there will be a fair amount of baby knitting going on here in the next few months.

To kick off, I want to make a cot blanket. We found out this week that the baby will be a girl, which means I could go yarn shopping and make a start on it. Inspired by Kylie, I decided to crochet a granny-a-day blanket. I love Asiye’s restrained use of colour in her seablue afghan, and have decided to make this blanket in just four colours: cerise, lilac, pale green and white.

My first idea was to make  five-round squares with both the centre and the edge of each square pink. However, I thought these looked a bit uniform, and were also too pink for my liking.

My second idea was to make four-round squares with an edging of single crochet in pink, but after making a couple of them I thought that they were too small. 

Feeling rather like Goldilocks in my search for the perfect porridge granny square, on my third attempt I made five-round squares with an edging of single crochet in pink. I kept the same colour order in each square, but with the colours progressing from square to square.

I love this version! Having found  a combination that I like, I then got a bit carried away and spent the rest of the day making them. So, eight down, fifty-two to go!

If you don’t know how to make granny squares, and would like to have a go, there is a great tutorial on Crochet Cabana.

* it’s not mine!

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