finished object: laminaria the second

Pattern: Laminaria

Yarn: Newgale (this is a laceweight yarn from Posh Yarn, renamed for its distributor arm, Cariad Yarns. The colourway is Hot Hot Hot.

Needles: 3.5mm

Notes: I started this shawl on New Year’s Day, as a post-Christmas treat for myself. However, I found after working on it for a while that the colour was really grating on me. In retrospect, I think the colour was just too summery for the dark winter months. I started again, and made a green version.

A few weeks ago I was hankering after a pink shawl, and remembered that I had a half-finished one stashed away. I had completed the first section in the small size, but decided to finish the rest of the shawl following the directions for the large size – I liked the idea of being able to drape it over my shoulders on chilly summer evenings.

I’m so pleased that I didn’t just rip this out in the winter when I was frustrated with it. I really love this colour for this time of year, and as it turns out, it goes with nearly everything I wear. Result!

Oh, and I have no idea how Steve did this (and nor does he) but I thought I’d leave you with this mad shot of me looking as though I’m transporting in through a rift in the space-time continuum. How cool is that?!

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