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Sonia started a meme on her blog the other day that I thought was lovely. The idea is to wander around your house one day, taking photos. Nothing too staged, just how things look on that day.

She suggested the following categories:

  • In the kitchen
  • On the nightstand
  • In your work/craft space
  • Out the window
  • What the pets or children are up to
  • On your feet
  • Knitting or knitwear in action

It’s an ‘I’ll show you mine, you show me yours’ type of thing. So, without further ado, here are mine. They were taken a couple of days ago, but I’m back in London and at work now, so that was my last chance to wander gently around my house for a while!

Steve preparing a casserole in the kitchen (luckily he enjoys cooking much more than I do):

On my bedside table (the Nancy Bush book was a Christmas present):

In my craft room (well, the place where I have been knitting over the holidays, which is a close as I come to a craft room! The yarn bowl was a Christmas gift, and those are two new projects I started last week):

Out of the window:

What my dog is up to (her – and my – favourite place isย  next to the Aga):

What’s on my feet (Pomatomus socks):

Knitting in action (actually, nearly all of these photos feature things I’ve knitted or sewn, which I must admit makes me rather happy!*):

So, go on, why not show us yours? Because we all like to see how other people live, right?!

*Maybe I need to get out more?

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