A change of plan

Well. The dress/shawl plan for the weddings I’ve got coming up didn’t quite work out: let’s just say that the consensus from all around me was that a flapper dress + hips = not the best look…

So, on to plan B. I found a rather lovely fifties-style dress. (Fifties style dresses + hips = fabulous, hooray!). The dress is dark teal blue with a pattern of oriental gold flowers.

The shawl I chose is the excitingly named Lace Shawl from Vogue (I have to say that I really, really dislike the photo on Vogue’s page!) I’m making it using some long-stashed Wollmeise lace-garn (the colour is My Old Blue Jeans) with dark green-gold beads.


Here’s a sample of the fabric (I’m still waiting for the actual dress). The shawl is more navy than teal but I like how they look together:


So far, so good. Here’s hoping I finish in time!



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