Craft room ideas

We are about to start a renovation project on our house that will involve a small extension and a lot of refurbishment. The extension will house our kitchen which means that I will soon have my very own craft room – very exciting! I’ve been dreaming about and planning for this project for months and months now, and thought I would share some of these ideas here. So today, my plans for the craft room.

The house was built in the 1920s and our plan is effectively to ‘de-modernise’ it: to take it back more or less to the style that it would originally have been. I’ve been collecting inspiration images on pinterest – if you’re interested you can see them here. I love this miniature sewing shop, and this image, and this one – I think you get the idea!

I found this gorgeous sewing machine cabinet on ebay a few months ago. The manual for the machine dates back to 1902. A local cabinetmaker customised it to fit my own sewing machine. It lifts up and down via an incredibly strong hydraulic mechanism – it works fantastically despite being over 100 years old. Here it is in the up position:


Another ebay find that I’m very excited about is a 1920s oak habadashery cabinet. Finally somewhere to keep the stash that is both practical and pretty! I am looking forward to decorating this room and giving this furniture a proper home!


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