Two (and two dogs) have fun in Dorset

We just got back from a gorgeous week in Dorset. Here are some of the things that we did.

 photo Image4.jpgWalks along the coast

 photo Image3.jpgLolling around on beaches

 photo IMG_2644.jpgHaving fun with our dogs

 photo IMG_2658.jpgAfternoon tea and cake, reading and knitting (it’s in the bag!)

 photo IMG_2707.jpgA trip to Lyme Regis…

 photo IMG_2651.jpg…where I wore my Footlights cardigan (details on Ravelry)

 photo 13c86535-04e9-4b86-abf5-23b00f3d8a5b.jpgI had my first ever shampoo and set in a hairdressers (as opposed to doing it myself at home).

 photo IMG_2684.jpgI loved the results – and also the fact that in the photo below I pretty much could be my grandmother!

 photo IMG_2710.jpg

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