our house! in a book!

A couple of rooms in our house have been featured in a new book on vintage style, and I couldn’t be more excited!

 photo DSC_0869.jpgThe book, as you can see, is called Style Your Modern Vintage Home, and is written by Kate Beavis, owner of the very successful online vintage store Your Vintage Life.

Kate found our home quite by accident: back in February my hairdresser came to the house to perm my hair. As soon as she came in she loved it. She mentioned that her friend Kate was writing a book and was looking for 1920s home to feature and within a week Kate and her photographer were here, photographing the front living room and our bedroom.

So, without further ado, allow me to show you round some of my home! Here’s one side of our living room:

 photo DSC_0892.jpgAnd the other side of the living room:

 photo DSC_0895.jpgThe book is packed full of practical hints and tips about how to style your home. It is structured by decade, from the 1920s to the 1990s; our house is in the 1920s/30s chapter. I love that this photo of Alex asleep at the top of the Empire State Building gets featured!

 photo 34a1b5d8-b5d2-4972-93d4-c06fc0009d2b.jpgThe other room featured is our bedroom.

 photo DSC_0873.jpgAnd here’s the other side of the bedroom. Kate has included quotes from each of the house owners discussing their inspiration, research and practical details as to how they’ve decorated, furnished and styled their homes.

 photo DSC_0874-2.jpgShe bought a fair few props of her own to add to what we already had. The bedside table shot above features my own bits and pieces, whereas the image below includes her own things.

 photo DSC_0883.jpgThese rooms have been the beginning of a much larger project to renovate and ‘de-modernise’ our 1926 home. We are about to start on the rest; I’ll be sharing more of that as we go.

And finally, I’m very proud that my quilt is featured. It’s not the quilt that is meant for this room – I’m currently working on another one from a 1930s quilt pattern, but that’s another story for another day!

 photo DSC_0876-2.jpg

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