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Two needle cases…

… not made by me, but the first I’ve seen made from my pattern!

I was really excited when I saw that Waffleking1 had posted these on Ravelry. The first one is for her dpns. I love this fabric, and I really love how she made the pockets to fit the needles:

She also made this one for her circular needles and crochet hooks:

The crochet hooks are kept safe in here. I wish I’d thought of making a pocket like this – it’s a great way to keep little bits and pieces extra safe.

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Free pattern for a circular knitting needle case

I’ve written a pattern for a circular knitting needle case. It’s very simple and shouldn’t take more than an afternoon to make. You do need a sewing machine though – two pointy sticks and some yarn won’t work for this!

You can download this pattern as a free pdf document via the Patterns page above.

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Circular knitting needle case


It’s way past my bed time, so just some pictures for now. I’ll write instructions up tomorrow. Continue reading

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Sometimes the simplest things…

… are also the most frustrating.

Today I planned to finish my circular knitting needle case, and I would have done too if I hadn’t kept on making stupid schoolgirl errors. Continue reading

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Self-indulgent sewing

No knitting today; I’ve been having a crafty time with my sewing machine. The first thing I did was to use some fabric from my stash and some old lace from my collection to make a cloth to cover the cupboard in my kitchen. Here it is:

Cute, huh? (I made the lampshade too, btw!) Continue reading

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