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Kitchener grafting; fiddling and fudging…

I’ve read quite a few comments while making my Clementine shawl about the difficulties of grafting. There are loads of tutorials on t’interweb about how to graft knitted pieces together. My favourite is the one on Knitty.com. It has great photos and a really clear explanation, and is the one I use whenever I need reminding how to graft. Like so much about knitting however, getting it right is not just about the technique. With grafting, I find that following the instructions is just the beginning:

The sample above, knitted in the Clementine lace pattern, has been grafted correctly, but looks pretty rubbish. The right side is much too tight, and the left is too loose. It’s hard to get the tension right while grafting; I find the key is to go back and fiddle with the tension afterwards to make the sewn-in yarn look just like the other stitches.

Spending some time fudging the stitches like this makes a huge difference:

Better, yes?

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