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Messing about (and knitting) by the river

It was a beautiful late summer day today, and Steve and I spent the afternoon lazing around by the river Thames, next to Hampton Court Palace. That’s Hampton Court bridge in the picture above, and through the railings on the other side of the river path is the palace:

We were trying out our new bikes; I love mine so much, it’s incredibly old-fashioned, with a wicker basket and even a skirt guard to protect my flowing garments!

We took afternoon tea, and muffins, and strawberries, and both our boys stopped by for ice creams on their way home.

I took my Lacy Cable Stockings to knit while we were there. Apologies for the substandard picture quality – I forgot to take my camera, so these are from my phone.

And here’s the beautiful calf detail:

I’m so looking forward to wearing these for real!

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Stockings! Malabrigo Sock yarn! Happy days!

So, my Malabrigo Sock yarn arrived yesterday, and I am officially in love with it.

It seems to be yet another colour that my camera is struggling with though, so let me describe it to you.

This beautiful yarn, colour Arauncil, has the effect of an antique black. It has a creamy base, overdyed with black. This leaves the cream showing through, more in some places, less in others. It is akin to faded denim, only much, much nicer.

With it, I’m making myself a pair of Lacy Cable stockings. Here’s how far I’ve got:

Sometimes knitting is pure happiness!

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