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Eyelet Chemise: an update

My Eyelet Chemise is coming along really well. I’ve completed the eyelet lace rib pattern and am up to the empire waist, having made the ribbing 2″ longer than in the pattern. I’ve stopped knitting now because I need to get my head around all the measuring and calculating needed to to the short row shaping that I want to try out on this cardigan. I’m using HoneyBee33’s brilliant ‘titorial‘ to help me figure this all out.

The Debbie Bliss Prima that I’m using is a pleasure to work. It’s soft and drapey, splits a little, but not too much, and has a pretty sheen.

I got buttons and ribbon for this project today, and I think they’ll make lovely finishing touches.

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Eyelet Chemise

Wow. 236 stitches per row. 24 rows done so far. That’s 5,664 stitches. Which took me about 4 hours to do, which is roughly 24 stitches a minute. And comprises 3 inches of this pattern. I’m loving it so far; I really hope I like it when it’s finished!

Heads up on the robins: I’ve been leaving them alone all week, but I’m going to go and check up on them tomorrow. I’ll post photos if I can get them…

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Change of plan…

I decided, after screwing up the fit on my Grannie Smith cardigan, that I need to change my plan about what to knit next. One of the reasons I was annoyed with myself is that I had resolved this year only to make fabulously-fitting garments for myself. So far, my main way of improving the fit of a top has been to add extra increases at the sides – this does add width to the fabric, but not exactly where it’s most needed. I need to get to grips with short row darts.

The Leafy Cardigan that I was going to make next is probably not the best project on which to try out this technique. I know it’s possible to add short rows to a lace pattern, but starting on something a bit simpler seems more sensible.

So, pre-empting Amanda’s advice yesterday to fix the knitting pain with more yarn(!) I took myself off to John Lewis on Oxford Street at lunchtime today. I got some cute (and lightweight) buttons for ole’ Gran Smith, and I also got me some of this:

Debbie Bliss Prima. It’s 80% bamboo and 20% merino, is a very soft cream colour and has a subtle sheen to it. I’m going to make the Eyelet Chemise from Interweave knits that I was thinking about recently. I think it will look lovely in this yarn, and will be an ideal project with which to experiment with short-row darts.

And Grannie Smith? Well, I do have a plan for her. I’m going to add the sleeves on tomorrow and remove the heavy glass buttons. After that she is going to have a rest for a couple of weeks while I do something nicer. Then I’m going to unpick the hem and the cast-off edge on the button band, and re-do them by sort of grafting the live stitches onto the back. This should make the whole button band much more elastic and stop the cardigan riding up in the middle. Once that is done, I’ll take a view on the shaping – she might look much better after all that..

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