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This is the jumper that I made for Alex last Christmas. It was a particularly busy time last December, and I thought that, if I simply didn’t mention it, my boys might just forget that they normally get something knitted from my at Christmas. I thought it  might just be possible to avoid one of our family Christmas traditions: the one that involves me finishing off a sock or a glove at 3am on Christmas morning while Steve finishes wrapping the presents.

Well, that plan backfired on me rather spectacularly. Somewhere in the middle of last December, Alex asked me if I had started making anything for him for Christmas, and that if I hadn’t, could he have a jumper? At which point Will chimed in saying how much he’d like a jumper too, and could his one be a Fair Isle tank top? Also by Christmas? I didn’t quite manage that, but they both had their jumpers by the middle of February.

Here are the details of this sweater:

Pattern: Fjord, by Marie Wallin, published in Rowan 42.

Yarn: Berocco Peruvia Quick. Gorgeous yarn, just completely lovely. It doesn’t show in the photos, but each colour contains flecks of the other colours in the range.

Notes: Although the jumper turned out pretty well, this is not a pattern I’d recommend. I altered it quite significantly (although unfortunately I can’t remember all the changes). I think it is a salutary lesson, if you are browsing for patterns on Ravelry, to look at the number of people who have already chosen to make that pattern. Anyway, this version is Ravelled here.

This year? This year my boys will both be getting socks. And I’ll start knitting them soon – before they come up with any more ideas of their own!

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