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take a tour…

… of our new bathroom.

But before you do, why don’t you take a peek at the old bathroom:

I quite liked how this room looked, with the pretty blue and white tiles and the blue scumble painted walls that I had done. The problem with it was that nothing really worked: the basin and bath taps provided merely the faintest dribbles of water, and by the time the (incredibly shallow) bath was full, the water would already be getting cold. So, after fifteen years of living with it, we finally had had enough.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Our New Bathroom!

The room is pretty small, it’s about fifteen feet long and six feet wide, which is just long enough to squeeze a (not very long, but very very deep) bath into.

The result has been fantastic. Not just how the room looks, which is a lovely improvement over how it was, but in terms of its functionality. It actually feels as though we have gained a whole extra room in our house.

Our house was built in the 1920s, and I was keen to give the room something of an early Art Deco feel. The fabric on the blind is a William Morris pattern, and the taps are copied from a turn of the century original. I love the taps!

On the wall opposite the bath are  cupboards. This end of the room is where functionality was more important than aesthetics. The top cupboards contain all of our potions and lotions, as well as the electric toothbrush. The bottom cupboards are actually laundry bins that pull out. Because there are three of them we can now sort laundry as it goes into the bins. The wire baskets inside them pull out and can be taken straight to the washing machine. It’s a genius detail that I love! I also really like having these sculptures to look at when I’m lying in the bath.

I also really like that there is no shelf or mirrored cupboard above the sink. All the ones I saw looked too modern; I liked the simplicity of a bevel-edged mirror with wall lights on either side of it. I’m so happy with this new room!

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