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a little gift

If you follow Sonia’s blog, you will know that she recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sonia and I have been bloggy friends more or less since we both started blogging, and so when I heard her news I couldn’t resist knitting up a little something for her.

Here are the details:

Bootie pattern: Little shoes, by Ysolda

Hat pattern: Vintage Pixie Cap, by Shescrafty

Yarn: Natural Dye Studio Dazzle sock yarn, edged with Rowan Kidsilk Haze

I used vintage buttons, but as I didn’t have three the same, the booties have blue buttons and the cap has a pink one.

And on the back, just for a little extra pixie fun, I added a tassle:

Now back to the cardigan – one sleeve down, one to go…

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Meet Posh Eva

There is a rather strange sort of Newtonian reaction going on chez Pea at the moment. I am at home, convalecsing after being ill; while I get better all the time, there seems to be a direct and opposite reaction taking place. With my bank balance.

Let me explain. Having finished my Eyelet Chemise at the weekend I found myself without a full sized project to work on. On Sunday I decided to cheer myself up by taking part in the frenzied button-clicking madness that is a Posh Yarn sale. I didn’t manage to get my first choice, which was an olive-y silk cashmere blend, but I did get this:

This rose pink loveliness is Eva 4-ply, 55% silk and 45% cashmere, and I got eight, yes EIGHT, skeins of her – enough to make a full sized cardigan.

The only thing stopping me casting on immediately is that there are not all that many cardigan patterns that I can find in 4-ply. I love Ysolda’s Liesl, which is for worsted or aran weight; I’m quite tempted to re-work that pattern for this yarn. I also adore Kim Hargreave’s Tender, which is knit to a more appropriate gauge, but I think one of the things that I love about it is its wispy, Kidsilk Haziness. Both of these are good, but I’m not sure either is quite right for my Eva.

This is truly special yarn; it’s going to be worth saving until the perfect pattern comes along.

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